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How we use your data safely

At Lerfeldt Revision, we'll never misuse your data. We'll never sell it. And we've never had a security breach. To learn more about how we use your data — and how we keep it safe — please take a moment to review our privacy notice.

  • Who we are

Hello, we're Lerfeldt Revision ApS, Kildeåsen 14, DK-4571 Grevinge, Denmark.

  • Why we collect your data

There are few different reasons for collecting your data. Click here to run through some of the main ones.

  • What data we collect

When you use Lerfeldt Revsion, or you get in touch with us by email, over the phone, or on social media, we collect some of your personal information.

  • What data we receive

To give you a great service, we work closely with other companies and websites. Some of them share your basic information with us, e.g. Erhvervsstyrelsen and Skat.

  • How we share your information

Some of our partners need your data to complete your obligations. So we share it with them. If we didn't do that, we wouldn't be able to serve you.

  • How long we keep your data

In most cases, we keep your data for a minimum of 6 years. But in some countries the legal requirements are different, and we need to keep it for longer. To see a full list of how long we hold data for, arranged by jurisdiction, ask us.

  • Automated decisions

Sometimes, decisions about your data are made by computers. For instance, if you upload your ID to Lerfeldt Revision, a computer checks it in the first instance, not a person. This is called an 'automated decision'. You can ask us not to make automated decisions about your data by emailing

  • How we transfer your data internationally

So that you can use Lerfeldt Revision, we sometimes need to transfer your data outside of the European Economic Area. For example, one of Lerfeldt Revisions Support Centers is in America. And so that our people there can give you the best service, we need to share your data with them.

  • Your rights

You can ask to see the information we have about you. You can also ask us to change it, correct it, delete it, restrict how we use it, or object to the way we use it by emailing

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